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I’m Ammar, a seasoned Web Developer with a deep-rooted expertise in WordPress and Shopify platforms. My journey in the digital realm has been marked by crafting intricate frontend designs and developing comprehensive web solutions that resonate with a brand’s identity. You can explore some of my notable projects in the dedicated section.

Over the years, I’ve been driven by a dual passion: delivering top-tier web solutions and continuously expanding my knowledge horizon. While I primarily focus on web development and programming, I also engage with the broader tech community on LinkedIn. I invite you to connect or follow me there for updates and collaborations.

As I continue to push the boundaries of web development, I’m actively seeking roles that offer challenges and growth opportunities. If you believe my skill set aligns with an opportunity you have in mind, I’d be keen to explore how I can contribute to your vision. Let’s get in touch!


HTML 90%
CSS 92%
JavaScript 91%
PHP 93%
Liquid 94%
Python 95%
Shopify 90%
WordPress 92%
Wix 91%
Bubble.io 93%
SquareSpace 94%
Adobe AI 90%
Adobe PS 92%
Adobe ID 91%
Canva 93%
Midjurney 94%


Discover a curated selection of my individual and client-driven projects, each accompanied by its detailed case study.

Rools.de - WordPress Website

In 2020, I designed the rools.de site using WordPress & Elementor. A skincare brand emphasizing individual care, it showcases a cleanser, exfoliating water, and moisturizer. All products are vegan and cruelty-free, reflecting my ability to create user-centric platforms.

KUNOKA - Shopify Website

In 2022, I crafted KUNOKA’s Shopify site, blending design and comfort in footwear. Showcasing styles from sandals to bridal shoes, it emphasizes European craftsmanship and sustainability. I integrated features like reviews and multilingual support.

CRANN - Shopify Website

In 2021, I developed the ‘CRANN’ Shopify site, representing Ireland’s sustainable fashion brand. Showcasing eco-friendly products like recycled sunglasses, the brand supports The Native Woodland Trust. The site ensures quality with a lifetime warranty and 90-day returns.

Compliance Architects - WordPress Website

In 2019, I designed Compliance Architects®’ site using WordPress & Elementor. Specializing in FDA-regulated industries, it showcases expertise in regulatory compliance. The design communicates the firm’s commitment to excellence in the regulatory domain.

5percent nutrition - Shopify Website

In 2023, I crafted 5% Nutrition’s Shopify site, epitomizing hardcore supplements. Displaying a range of products, it emphasizes quality through testing. Features like ‘Shop by Goal’ enhance user experience, showcasing my web development skills.

Esker - Shopify Website

In 2022-23, I developed Esker Beauty’s Shopify site. Celebrating modern beauty rituals, it showcases body care essentials. Emphasizing natural ingredients and sustainable practices, the minimalist design captures the brand’s ethos of simplicity in skincare.


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