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Project Overview

In 2020, I undertook the challenge of designing the website for “rools”, a premium skincare brand that stands out for its commitment to individualized care. Using the dynamic duo of WordPress and Elementor, I sculpted a digital platform that seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, offering visitors an immersive journey into the world of personalized skincare.

The “rools” website is a testament to the brand’s philosophy: “your skin, your rools.” It introduces users to a curated skincare routine, spotlighting three cornerstone products – a rejuvenating face cleanser, a revitalizing exfoliating water, and a nourishing moisturizer. Each product is presented with detailed descriptions, emphasizing its unique benefits and the brand’s dedication to using only the finest ingredients.

The design of the website mirrors the brand’s ethos of simplicity and elegance. With a minimalist layout, soft color palette, and intuitive navigation, users can effortlessly explore the range of products, learn about their ingredients, and understand the brand’s approach to skincare. The site also emphasizes “rools'” commitment to ethical practices, proudly showcasing its vegan and cruelty-free credentials.

Beyond the products, the website delves into the brand’s story, highlighting its journey and the passion behind its creations. The “About Us” section offers insights into the brand’s mission and values, emphasizing its dedication to sustainability, ethical practices, and creating products that cater to every individual’s unique skincare needs.

This project was not just about creating a visually appealing website; it was about capturing the essence of a brand that believes in celebrating individuality and offering skincare solutions tailored to each person. The final product is a digital platform that resonates with its audience, effectively conveying “rools'” commitment to excellence in skincare.

Feel free to check out the Project by visiting the Project Link.

Tools Used

WordPress Elementor HTML CSS Javascript

See Live


Explore my digital realm to discover my expertise, journey, and the tech prowess I bring to the table.Explore my digital realm to discover my expertise, journey, and the tech prowess I bring to the table.

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